At 3RealMates you will be able to earn rewards and be promoted to higher position titles. You will be able to redeem your rewards and work towards a managerial job as well as an international 10 day trip.

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Once you start our recruitment process you will be starting from our base position, which is a Qualified Tutor and by building your portfolio and class lessons you will be able to reach the final position, which is Head Tutor. Take a look below to view the different positions we have and how you can obtain them.

blue rewards icon - Qualified Tutor
Once you have completed the recruitment system and are an official 3RealMates Tutor you will be classified as a Qualified Tutor. You will be provided with a certificate that will signify that you are an offical qualified 3RealMates Tutor. Now is also when you'll be starting to collect ⭐s to get to the next position!
Our Experienced Tutor will averagely be with us for more than 2 months. During these 2 months you will have done many classes and much more. To gain the Experienced Tutor position you will have to gain 150 ⭐s, which you will be able to do in no time! To get more information on how you can gain your stars, please click here.
red rewards icon -Experienced Tutor
yellow rewards icon - Senior Tutor
Our Senior Tutors are usually highly experienced in the class system and working with their students, they are usually on the way to becoming tutors that can help guide new tutors on our 3RealMates tutoring process. How fast you can get to this position is all up to you! To gain the Experienced Tutor position you will have to gain 300 ⭐s.
Here is where things get interesting! Our Lead Tutors will be getting a pay rise for all their efforts and hard work! Our Lead Tutors will be guiding our junior tutors as well as have more managerial tasks to do, which is always exciting as they would be the tutors that the junior tutors will look up to! To gain the Experienced Tutor position you will have to gain 600 ⭐s.​
Tutor Rewards, tutor promotions
Becoming a Head Tutor is the highest position that a 3RealMate tutor can aim to become! In this role you'll be more involved with more managerial tasks that 3RealMates have. Not to mention a possible sneak peak behind the scenes! You will also be given another pay rise for all your efforts! To become a Head Tutor you must gain 1200 ⭐s. You are on your way to becoming a part of the management team at 3RealMates!

Get an offical job at 3RealMAtes

Once you have reached the position of Head Tutor you will be given the opportunity to have a separate interview to be promoted to an official position under 3RealMates management. You will be helping the backend with options of marketing, HR and much more.

Once you have enrolled for our 3RealMates program you can immediately start collecting stars to earn title promotions and e-money which you can use for our RealTeachers programs to continue to up-skill yourself!

Stars can be collected throughout your 3RealMates journey. Click the  button at the bottom to get a more detail report on how you can earn your stars!

3RealMates Reward System
A more detailed awarding guideline will be released to you to cater with your real situation that revolved in 3RealMates program.