26-Words Dictation Class

Training session

You probably have had other course-trainings with RealTeachers🌞, or this is your first session. In order to make everyone well understand the whole teaching procedure, we try to maintain a complete structure for all sessions🌟.

There are two main aspects when we do our training🚄. One is about the course itself, including course concept, course structure and teaching materials etc., another is about the teaching procedure💪, which ensures us to have a clear rule to follow when we are doing our jobs under the same name, i.e., RealTeachers😄.

The training mainly revolves the basic requirement of teaching^_^; however, we believe our talent teachers will always have their own input to make the course not only meet the necessary requirement, but greatly exceed them🌈.

Please self-study all documents carefully💫, familiarize yourself with relevant procedures and resources to provide high quality teaching service☘️. The more you learn, the quicker you will have your long-term client students, and that will bring stable jobs for us all. If you have any questions at any time, please feel free to reach out to @Shawn in Slack🎈.

Before Starting the Job (common training session of all RT courses)

⏰ Due to the nature of online work, both our teachers and students are in different time zones. It is crucial to ensure everyone is talking about a specific time referring to the same time zone.

In this case, we need to discuss timing of all lessons centred around individual 🧑‍🎓 student’s time zone.
Two time zones are frequently used in our work exchanges, Beijing China🇨🇳 and Melbourne Australia🇦🇺.

For example, we should never talk about our time as:
⚠️“I am available at 5pm tomorrow”, instead, we’d better say:

💯“I am available at 5pm Melbourne time, on Thursday, 10th March, 2022”

This way, we can do our best to reduce misunderstandings.

💡Slack is our principal workspace, to keep close in touch with each other for efficient job communication purpose, please set up the APP notification.

💯There may be times when you may find that the Slack notification doesn’t work well, so please check at least 3 times a day to avoid delays in information.

💗In order to let RealTeachers management know that you are aware of the booked classes on the day and to inform your attendance on time, all teachers need to modify the following message reflecting their own situation and send it to their dedicated Slack workgroup📧:

This message should be sent at least 🕙 3 hours in ahead


Hi Ellie,

My name is xxx, I am from (Tutor’s city).

I booked today’s (‘2022/07/12’, ‘Tuesday’) classes:

1、Type: 1v1 RAZ class, Duration: 30mins

@8:00 Pm Beijing time with topic of;
<book name>

2、Type: 1v3 Public Speaking class, Duration: 60mins
@9:00 Pm Beijing time with topic of;
<Class topic>

I confirm my attending on time.
Best Regards.

Alternatively, you can screenshot your back office and send the picture to your Slack group to inform the team members about your attendance.

🧑‍🏫A well-organized teaching environment will not only please yourself, it will also draw a high regard for your professionalism. The virtual classroom environment coupled with the teacher’s attire is often the first thing that impresses a client.

Before clicking the following video for your reference, please check your current classroom setting🧐:

• Are you having an overall dark lighting condition?
• Is your camera in the right position/angle?
• Can you see your own face clearly in the screen?
• Are you setting against a window?
• Are you teaching in your bedroom and, while the background looks messy?
• Can you see a lot of clutter in your background?
• Is your teaching location being quiet enough or too noisy?
• What is your dressing code for the classes?
• Etc.

Last but not least,
Have I taken the above questions seriously and have my classroom environment adequately reflected the importance I place on this work.🌟

Let’s check this video for useful tips:

Work for Excellence

A normal Dictation class will take 30 minutes, which is based on English word dictation literally.

The students’ number in this class various from one to six.

The basic format of the class is to check and explain the words from the word list to students.

Usually, student will have the word list issued by RealTeachers (either in pdf or excel format) in ahead of the class and self-study that in advance for class dictation purpose.

During the class, the tutor will recite the words and the students will do the dictation.

After the students all finish the dictation, the tutor will check the result to see who has got the spelling right,

who hasn’t.

The tutor will praise the right ones, while explaining the wrong words correctly, including the meaning,

the pronunciation, the spelling, the way of applying etc.

The words in the word list should be checked one by one, following the steps above.

Let’s check the general class rules and have a look at the word list template as following:

06-201109-3RM General Class rules-Training 1-SJ.pdf

04-201106-3RM word list template-SJ.xlsx

This following document outline the general teaching method of a dictation class. Please also check the useful tips of running a general dictation class

02-201127-How to run a general Dictation Class-SJ.pdf

03-201127-Tips of running a General Dictation Class-SJ.pdf

A trial class plays an important role of winning a new job/client student, so it’s a bit different with a general class. In a general/normal dictation class, we do have a certain number of words from the list to cover, however in trail class we need pay more attention to showcase our teaching skills rather than to finish off all the words in the list. Please read the following document for your reference and better understanding.

05-200913-Key points for Dictation Trial Classes-CG-SJ-GA.pdf

▪️Whiteboard writing is an important link in teaching activities. Teachers need to pay well attention to it.

  • In RWB classes, teachers usually need to put the key words on whiteboard, while verbally explaining to students. This will help them to recall the teaching contents in time and make the teacher easier to be followed. We need try to avoid long explanation purely in words without anything noted on to the whiteboard, i.e., the teaching platform.

▪️Good notebooks will help students greatly in reviewing the learning content. We need instruct all students to have that ready and physically check it before every single class starts.

▪️Get every student to have TWO books, one for exercises on or after classes, another one for noting down the core knowledge information. Let’s give adequate time for kids to write down necessary information to their notebook.

  • Firstly, teachers need to identify in general what is important and remind students to write down in time;
  • Secondly, necessary time should be given to students to write down the important information;
  • Thirdly, try not to let them to take screenshot, because kids will soon forget about all the screenshots after class. Less students will have time to review after classes, the more we guide them to learn and write down more right in the class, the better teaching result we can expect.
  • Last but not least, check students’ notebooks now and then during the class, especially when you want them to write down something. Thus, will help to achieve good teaching result and create great class interaction.

This is very important because💯, on the one hand, parents want to know what their children have actually learned, what their progress has been, and whether it is a wise decision to further renew the curriculum with us.

On the other hand, due to the fact that teachers usually manage multiple students at the same period🚩, so that the Student’s Learning Recording works great to help teachers to get all the cases well organized.

This document needs to be kept up to date as you work with RealTeachers✅. Please submit it yourself on a regular basis for review by the management team, or as requested by management from time to time.

Please watch the video for your information and download the master sheet for your use🌟.

  • Student’s learning recording master sheet introduction video

  • Student Learning recording master sheet (Excel)

06-RTOT RAZ Student’s learning recording master sheet-SJ.xlsx(Click to view or download)

Giving classes without periodically review and lesson matching homework📖, the knowledge delivery efficiency will be dramatically decreased. Very slow and limited improvement can be expected on students🧑‍🎓.

This is such an unwanted situation for all parties, with students spending their time, parents wasting their money💰, company losing its reputation and what’s more, it will lead to big deduction on teachers’ job hours.

Please read this following document, < RTOT Homework Assignment Procedure and Notice>, carefully, have a great understanding of when to issue the homework and what procedure should be followed✅.

220421-RTOT Homework Assignment Procedure and Notice-SJ.pdf(Click to view or download)

The Instant-after-class feedback is your comment about the current class (main learning content, student behaviour, progress and attitude, etc.) that to be sent to RealTeachers’ Coordinator in Slack within 10 minutes after class, preferred immediately.

There are 2 kinds of After-class quick feedbacks.

Type 1. After a formal class

This is a small, great and necessary part of the teaching job. It creates valuable opportunities for parents to feel teachers’ care for their kids. A quick action as it is, it increases and lubricates the relationship well in between.🍀

Type 2. After a Trial class

First of all, a trial class is a class that be arranged both for teacher and students to get to know each other. It also works as the most valuable chance for clients to decide if they want to pay for the course, based on the overall experience during the trial session. In this case, we would say the Trail-class feedback is more important  than th 🌈 formal class feedback.

In order to let parents and students know what they need work on in the following course. we need not only to encourage student by saying praise on them, but also, we need to point out their shortage in a positive but honest way.

Saying the adverse words can be more challenging for us at times, but it’s more valuable for clients💗,while saying only the positive sides of the student are not held in high regard in this case.

Let’s keep the balance and make some difference💫

We don’t have a certain length requirement for the after-class feedback, as long as it’s relatively detailed, personalized and in time. Here are a few examples:

In order to make our feedback be well presented to parents, we have
this following Word Document Template for your easy editing purpose. Please click and download to use:

(210903-RT After-class instant feedback andhomework communication file-SJ.docx)

After you finish your feedback typing in the document, please save it, using the following naming rule:

YYMMDD-Feedback-RAZ-Teacher’s Name-Student’s Name.docx

YYMMDD:Means the date that you have the class.Here, we use the Year, Month and Date sequence and we only use the last
two digital of the year.

Every time after the class, please send the above Word Document to your Slack group, your Teachers Coordinator will forward it to parents.

Please do this within 10 mins after the class. If you have another consecutive lesson, please take the lesson first and send the feedback immediately after that.

It’s great for teachers to use reward system 🎁 (such as verbal praise, stars, smiley faces, whistles or bubbles, cards, dolls, candy, certificates etc.) to engage students both in and out the classroom. Among them, certificate is indisputable the most encouraging and heart-warming method.

We highly recommend 🔗 that during one course (20 lessons), at least 2 certificates should be issued to students either for their behaviour or academical performance improvement.

Over the years, we have a number of various certificates 📖 issued by our dedicated teachers.  Just to list a few for your information

As an experienced teacher, you probably have your own resources of certificate templates, otherwise just search for “Kids certificate” on 🌍 www.canva.com, and you can choose whatever you want.

Alternatively, we have our basic certificate templates for you to download and edit to suit.

At the end of the course, we are required to provide all students with a detailed academic report. The report should be based on the individual teacher’s observations and understanding of students’ overall performance in classroom behaviour and academic learning throughout the whole course period.

RealTeachers does have report templates for you to edit easily. Meanwhile, teachers are supposed to provide personalized category items and comments for each different student.

Mainly, the student report should contain these following aspects:

  • What have been learnt during the past course;
  • What are the students’ major achievements?
  • What is your comment and suggestion for the student’s future study;
  • What is your learning plan for the next term. Etc.

Please check the following

examples for your information

Please download the template for your future editing purpose.

01-YYMMDD-Student Report-[students name]-Reading-[Teachers name].docx

All major instructional content is collected in the following Word documents. Please click to get a good review. To help you with a quick overview, the main points are listed below:

⛳️ General Teaching Activities:

  1. Check Slack
  2. Class Attendance Message
  3. Lesson Plan
  4. “X+1”Course Structure
  5. After-Class Feedback
  6. Certificate Rewarding
  7. Student Report

⛳️ General Class Notes:

  1. Punctuation
  2. Report Lateness
  3. Require 2 Notebooks
  4. Check Notebooks

⛳️ Tips for Class Teaching:

💫 Please read the following documents in detail for review purpose and better understanding.

🖥️ With the deepening of teaching work, many teachers hope to get more students and follow themselves to learn for a long time. In this regard, the interests of teachers and the company are consistent. In many cases, the number of students taught by teachers is based on the recommendation 🧩 of the company, but to a greater extent is more based on the quality and influence of the teaching provided by individual teachers.

On above, we have covered so many teaching aspects in a positive way.

Hereafter, we will list 9 adverse examples 🗞️ for everyone to understand how important it is to improve personal teaching ability and sense of responsibility in order to greater benefits for individuals and RealTeachers company.

In this job, you, yourself, are the real boss.

Company can only recommend teachers to students; it is the clients’ final decision of whether to go with you or not❣️.

Based on this, let’s keep on improving our teaching skills, while maintain a high sense of responsibility to students and enthusiasm for teaching💚.

This way, you and RealTeachers can achieve a win-win.

We have discussed a lot in this training page. All the necessary rules and reference information are well presented above. We trust that it is more about teachers’ responsibility than ability to have most of them be reflected in your future classes 🪧.

Please watch these following demonstration videos and submit your observation report to share your opinions with us.

01-Dictation Class – 17- Joshua-12.m4v

02-Y7 Dictation Class – 7- Cynthia-1.m4v

03-Y2 Dictation Class-Kit-92M.m4v

04-Y5 Dictation Class – 5 – Jabez -210929-Shanice Johnson – Per.m4v

05-Dictation Class-5-Jeopardylabs-Benjamin-200819-siena reid-Per-4366353267-220429.mp4

06-Y5 Dictation Class – 17 -编故事 Jabez -210929 – Shanice Johnson – Per-.m4v

07-Y5 Dictation Class – 20 – 批改提高句子Jabez -210929 – Shanice Johnson – Per .m4v

08-Y5 Dictation Class – 8 – Jabez – 210929 – Shanice Johnson – Per.m4v

Please complete the observation report as save the file name following the naming 🔖 rule:

  • YYMMDD-RE- Observation Report-your first name

Then send to @Shawn on Slack.

Inform Your Completion of Training

Thank you for your time spending on this training page, please inform your completion @Shawn in Slack and we will discuss your future jobs in detail.