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Community Participation

We connect participants with special needs and form a community. This includes connections to participants, parents/carers, service providers, support coordinators, community groups, support groups, libraries and schools, as well as providing information about what support is available within 3RealMates Disability Services and other social resources.

"Communication as Core, Capacity Building as Goal, Nurturing Every Soul"

Participating in our Innovative Community Participation Services offers meaningful benefits for children with ASD, ADHD, and other developmental conditions. These activities provide a safe and relaxed environment where participants can feel secure and comfortable while engaging in social interactions. By engaging in fun-filled and interactive challenges, children can enhance their communication skills and boost their confidence. Through teamwork and collaboration, they learn valuable skills for working with others towards common goals. Exploring the environment fosters independence, empowerment, and environmental awareness. Building networks within the community provides ongoing social support and a sense of belonging. Overall, these activities offer a holistic approach to development, nurturing various skills and promoting overall well-being in a natural and supportive setting.

NDIS Registered Service Provider

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3RMDS regularly organizes a variety of community participation activities to enhance community inclusion and promote social empowerment among participants.

To ensure the best experience for all participants, we limit the number of attendees based on the event type, participants, and venue conditions.

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Activities in Nature Park

Go into nature together and give your child different and wonderful memories!



NDIS Community Participation


The innovative community participation program  underscores the positive impact of nature-based activities on overall well-being, aligning with NDIS objectives like social engagement, community involvement, language development, effective communication, collaboration, self-sufficiency, and physical health.



NDIS Community Participation

Benefits of Outdoor Engagement for NDIS Participants:

Outdoor experiences provide a departure from conventional settings, fostering mental well-being and stress alleviation. Immersive encounters cultivate interpersonal and non-verbal communication, enhance physical health, and heighten spiritual and sensory awareness.




NDIS Community Participation

Insights from Research:

Studies emphasize the pivotal role of routine outdoor engagement in maintaining children’s mental health. Exposure to natural surroundings contributes to emotional resilience and stress reduction. The outdoor setting acts as a stress reliever for both participants and facilitators.




NDIS Community Participation

Activity Example - Jurassic Park:

A captivating outdoor Endeavor, “Jurassic Park,” involves participants in a dynamic game with roles such as Sting-o-saurus and Chain-o-saurus. This not only boosts physical activity but also prompts individuals to recognize personal strengths, aligning with NDIS goals of individual social development and community interaction.




NDIS Community Participation

Discussion and Reflection:

Key discussions revolve around acknowledging personal strengths, accomplishments, and contributions to individual identities. This aligns with NDIS objectives related to the development of daily life skills, participation in social and civic activities, and the enhancement of individual social capabilities.




NDIS Community Participation


The innovative community participation program  offers a structured approach for NDIS community involvement in a natural setting, fostering the comprehensive growth of participants. It seamlessly integrates with NDIS terminology and aspirations, providing a meaningful and enriching experience for individuals aged 5-18 years old.


The program encourages the inclusive participation of individuals with diverse abilities in outdoor experiences.

Community Participation:

Activities foster community engagement by encouraging participants to explore and connect with their local environment.

Emotional Well-being:

The program addresses emotional well-being through activities such as “Moody & Moovin’,” which explore and identify emotional responses.

Communication Skills:

Activities like “Rock, Tree, Bridge” focus on communication and teamwork, essential for community participation.


The program recognizes the need for adaptation, making it suitable for diverse participants, aligning with NDIS principles of providing tailored support.

Safety and Well-being:

The activities incorporate elements of safety and well-being, aligning with NDIS goals of ensuring participants’ health and safety during community activities.

The Program

3RealMates Disability Services (3RMDS) offers an Outdoor Program specifically tailored to meet the needs of children with autism, aged 5-18, and their families. This program is designed to provide a comprehensive range of activities and support services for children diagnosed with ASD levels 1, 2, 3 and other developmental conditions.

Our program aims to:

Provide children with autism a supportive environment where they can participate in various therapies, social learning activities, and life skills sessions.

Facilitate connections among children with autism, enabling them to develop meaningful relationships with their peers.

Create a dedicated space for sensory and emotional regulation, allowing children to explore and manage their sensory needs.

Offer outdoor activities, adventure challenges, and a specialized peer support program for siblings.

Give parents the opportunity to take a break during the day and participate in educational support sessions and self-care Program.


3RealMates Disability Services has developed one of the most comprehensive programs in Australia for families of children with autism. Our programs have been rigorously tested and have shown significant results:

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Short-Term Outcomes

Participants experience a safe and inclusive environment among families with similar experiences, fostering a sense of community and understanding.

Children with autism find relief from social isolation and form meaningful connections within their peer group.

Participants are encouraged to embrace their individuality and celebrate their identity within a supportive community.

Children with autism engage in therapies, educational activities, and peer support, gaining valuable skills and insights.

Participants develop confidence, independence, and self-advocacy skills through various program activities.

Medium-Term Outcomes

Participants establish lasting friendships and support networks, enhancing their sense of belonging.

The newfound confidence and sense of belonging reduce anxiety and contribute to improved mental health.

Children with autism show increased participation and engagement in school activities.

Siblings develop a deeper understanding of their role and are better equipped to support their siblings.

Parents gain confidence and explore new opportunities for personal growth and support.

Long-Term Outcomes

Participants are empowered to explore new activities and engage more actively in community life.

Continued improvements in self-worth and well-being lead to increased independence and self-care.

Participants develop skills and connections that enhance their readiness for future education and employment.

Reduced dependency on welfare and increased economic participation contribute to long-term sustainability.

"Communication as Core, Capacity Building as Goal, Nurturing Every Soul"

- 3RealMates Disability Services

“Communication as Core, Capacity Building as Goal, Nurturing Every Soul”

——Fully supported by NDIS funds

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©2023. 3RMDS. All Rights Reserved.