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3RealMates Disability Services

3RealMates Disability Services (3RMDS) Online Program offers interactive online services using assistive technologies like online platforms and communication APPs. The program aims to enhance the language acceptance and expression, communication, and self-management skills of participants with special needs.

"Communication as Core, Capacity Building as Goal, Nurturing Every Soul"

3RealMates  Disability Services offers online programs tailored to the individual needs and NDIS goals of participants, covering a wide spectrum of self-development skills. These programs are designed to guide participants from basic vocabulary and sentence construction to some necessary comprehensive reading, writing, and comprehensionabilities.

We create a supportive and engaging learning environment that fosters growth and independence. Through personalized instruction and interactive activities, participants can gain confidence in their abilities and make meaningful progress towards their goals.

By providing these services, 3RMDS aims to promote greater social and community participation in line with NDIS objectives.

Our services include both online one-to-one sessions and offline community participation, each with its unique focus but integrated to complement one another. This comprehensive approach not only addresses participants' needs for independent skill development but also encourages the expansion of their social networks and promotes inclusion in community life. By combining these elements, we provide a holistic capacity building experience that supports participants in reaching their full potential.

Interactive Online Services

Interactive Online Services

Our services, supported by NDIS funding, offer flexible scheduling and access to language specialists, and other allied health providers allowing children to enhance their languages skills, communication, skills, and social skills in a familiar environment.

Develop language skills so that one can communicate one’s needs and wants effectively at home, school and in the community.

Participants will achieve this goal by:

  • using language effectively including expressive and receptive language.
  • being able to speak clearly what one means or wants.
  • being more aware of one’s listener's understanding.
  • being taught with tools to improve non-verbal responses.
  • being able to convey warmth and affection, and pick up on others' emotions with flexibility.
  • staying in topic when communicate with others.
  • learning to wait for one’s turn to speak. Knowing when to speak and when to listen, to make yourself approachable, and establish your social relationship;
  • being able to speak in appropriate volume, tone and speed with matched facial expression.

Enhance communication skills to effectively convey thoughts, feelings, and needs in various social contexts, fostering meaningful interactions and relationships.

Participants will achieve this goal by:

  • Improving verbal and non-verbal communication techniques.
  • Enhancing active listening and comprehension abilities.
  • Developing assertiveness and clarity in expression.
  • Learning to adapt communication style to different audiences.
  • Practicing effective communication in group settings.
  • Cultivating empathy and understanding in communication.
  • Refining skills for managing conflicts and negotiations.
  • Gaining confidence in public speaking and presentations.

Develop age-appropriate social skills so that one can engage in meaningful interactions with peers and develop positive relationships with them.

Participants will achieve this goal by:

  • being able to accept peers’ ideas in play.
  • being able to initiate conversation
    • Starting from real life scenarios, guide participants to speak boldly
    • Design interesting and diverse teaching sessions to allow participants to take the initiative to express themselves
    • The rhythm of the class is gradual, encouraging self-confidence in learning
  • Being able to maintain interactions.
  • being able to develop one’s eye contact.
  • being taught with TPR teaching skills to improve interpretation of non-verbal cues and lay a foundation of understanding social cues.

Develop emotional regulation and self-control skills to effectively manage and express emotions in various settings, promoting a sense of well-being and positive interactions with others.

Participants will achieve this goal by:

  • Learning from home ensures the safest and most comfortable environment for participants to calm down, feel relaxed and happy, be free from anxiety.
  • being able to show and explain feelings.
  • thinking then asking for permission before take actions.

Develop self-confidence to foster a positive self-image and a belief in one's abilities, leading to increased independence and a sense of empowerment.

Participants will achieve this goal by:

  • Engaging in activities that challenge and encourage them, fostering a sense of accomplishment and self-worth.
  • Receiving positive feedback and reinforcement, acknowledging their efforts and achievements.
  • Participating in group activities that promote teamwork and cooperation, building confidence through shared experiences.

Enhance executive functioning skills such as attention, concentration, mental flexibility, problem-solving, organization, and time management to improve cognitive abilities and daily performance.

Participants will achieve this goal by:

  •  Practicing techniques that improve focus and attention, such as mindfulness exercises.
  • Engaging in activities that require problem-solving and decision-making, promoting mental flexibility.
  • Using tools and strategies to organize tasks and manage time effectively, increasing overall efficiency and productivity.

Complete Support System

Professionalism and enthusiasm are a must, while a complete systematic supporting system is more than necessary. Therefore, beyond the services, 3RMDS has the following well-developed components

Receiving constructive feedback is an essential part of the service process, giving the participants insight into their strengths and areas for improvement, as well as providing a drive for change. The aim of feedback is to guide the participants in the improvement of achieving their personal goals and overall behavior.

There are two major forms of feedback:

  • Informal feedback

This type of feedback involves providing participants with concrete, practical suggestions that are given either immediately during or after service sessions.

  • Formal feedback

Providing the participants with formal feedback involves writing words or voice calls at a specified time to discuss participants’ performance and to provide practical suggestions following a particular service receipt experience.

It will be issued by 3RealMates Disability Services in the right time to encourage participants for better achievement purposes.

By the end of the service session, this will be prepared accordingly, in order to give out a Phased Assessment based on the participants’ performance, so as to direct the future goals achievement.

This will be held regularly/irregularly among 3REALMATES DISABILTIY SERVICES, participants, parents/carers and NDIS Support Coordinators, in order to build great relationship and understanding of each party to ensure a smooth and satisfied service delivery.

This will be held for better administration purpose, to Ensure all 3REALMATES DISABILTIY SERVICES are delivered timely and approvingly, monitor and motivate team members toward service excellency.

  • Parties or online and off-line activities will be held to increase opportunities for participants’ communication.
  • Encourage participants to develop, practice and demonstrate the skills that they gain from 3REALMATES DISABILTIY SERVICES.

All participants have goals and dreams for their future, 3RMDS is here to help them achieve their goals. Receiving support as early as possible on a child’s younger years is very important to ensure that they achieve their best outcomes throughout their lives.

3RMDS Service Process

Initial consultation

This will ensure that the appropriate level of service is prepared, a personalized service plan is developed and any questions or concerns are correctly answered and explained before undertaking a 3RMDS service.

Service trial session arrangement

This ensures that both provider and participants have a preliminary understanding of each other.

Service commence notice

This notification letter contains all important information and will be sent to all relevant parties to ensure a smooth launch of the 3RMDS service.

Online service environment Checklists

We are committed to providing participants with the most comfortable, enjoyable and safe online services. In order to achieve that we do have a necessary checklist to share, including: online service norms, Health and Safety policies, service procedures and tips, etc.

Individual service plan and participant portfolio

Once the detailed and specified individual Plan is finalized, our participants can accept the services outlined in it. Our support workers will complete the Logbook and Portfolio in accordance with the Plan.

Ongoing communication with parents/carers

Based on various information collected during the service, we will be in close contact with parents/carers to inform participants of any progress. This also applies to any problem.

End of service assessment

In addition to any routine observation and guidance, we have found it works well if we are able to set aside at least one further zoom meeting to discuss with parents/carers face to face. Participants are also welcome to join in on the meeting and share their reflections and their experiences on the services so far and discuss with us their on-going goals and their dreams for the future.

-Further discussion toward participants’ continuous improvement

In addition to any routine observation and guidance, we have found it works well if we are able to set aside at least one further zoom meeting to discuss with parents/carers face to face. Participants are also welcome to join in on the meeting and share their reflections and their experiences on the services so far and discuss with us their on-going goals and their dreams for the future.


All participants have goals and dreams for their future, 3RMDS is here to help them achieve their goals. Receiving support as early as possible on a child’s younger years is very important to ensure that they achieve their best outcomes throughout their lives.

Innovative Community Participation Services

Engaging in a variety of community participation activities promotes the development of diverse skills,

supporting holistic growth and well-being.

Safe and Relaxed

Establishing a safe and relaxed environment during activities, ensuring participants feel secure and comfortable while engaging in social interactions and experiences.


Creating enjoyable and engaging experiences, infusing activities with a sense of fun and excitement to encourage participation and enjoyment.

Multiple Goal Realization

Supporting participants in achieving a variety of personal goals, such as improving communication skills, building confidence, and fostering social connections, tailored to their individual needs and preferences.

 - Foster social skills through engaging group activities.

 - Develop a sense of community belonging.

 - Fun and interactive challenges to enhance language and communication skills.

- Team-building exercises for effective communication.

- Engage in activities promoting teamwork and collaboration.

- Learn the value of working together towards common goals.

- Familiarize participants with their living environment in a natural, outdoor setting.

- Cultivate a love for nature and environmental awareness.

- Encourage independent decision-making during the adventure 

- Promote self-confidence and a sense of personal achievement.

- Opportunities to make new friends within the NDIS community.

- Strengthening connections for ongoing social support.

NDIS Registered Service Provider

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Engaging in outdoor activities through our Innovative Community Participation Services significantly benefits children with autism. These activities promote sensory, social, problem-solving, decision-making, and cognitive skills in a natural and stress-free environment. They provide rich sensory experiences, encourage teamwork and social interaction, foster problem-solving abilities, and enhance decision-making skills. Additionally, the outdoor setting stimulates curiosity and exploration, leading to improved cognitive abilities. Overall, our program offers a unique and effective way to support the holistic development of children with autism.

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We focus on the individual needs of each child's NDIS Plan, using specialized methods and tools.
Individualized training plans are developed according to different ages and Function levels!

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“Communication as Core, Capacity Building as Goal, Nurturing Every Soul”

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