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#NDIS Registered Service Provider

3RealMates Disability Services

Helping people to grow their language skills

3RealMates Disability Services

We will be your most effective service provider!

3RMDS is an NDIS-registered service provider of one-on-one instruction by a team of experts who use scientific and effective training methods to help children improve their language skills and integrate into real-world life as early as possible!

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Quality Services

Promoting multi-skilling

language skill

3RMDS services are effective in promoting language skills

Communication skill

3RMDS's services effectively promote communication skills

Socialization skills

3RMDS services are effective in promoting socialization skills

Cognitive skill

3RMDS's services are effective in promoting cognitive skills

Ability concentrate

3RMDS's services are effective in promoting concentration


3RMDS's services are effective in promoting self-confidence

Our Features

Delivering effective interventions

The innovative approach method

With the facility we supplied online, our participant with special needs can access the quality training by sitting in his/her favourite chair, most familiar desk, and safest space in this planet their own bedroom.

The NDIS goal oriented

Our qualified NDIS program will read your NDIS plan in detail and analyze your goals, regularly contact your support coordinator, and review recorded sessions to monitor our client’s progress. This ensures that your child is learning effectively and achieving their goals.

The approach

Every child is unique, and every child learns in their own way. So, we use a personalised approach that allows your child to learn at their own speed – highlighting in areas they good at whilst giving the areas they’re struggling with the full attention they deserve.

The experienced staffs for special needs children

We individually match your child based on their personality and learning needs with one of our 960 patient and friendly tutors. All of our staffs go through a rigorous selection process and are subject matter experts who can maximise learning in a fun and interactive way.

Unique "Read to Gain" Contents

We have spent a great deal of time building a unique curriculum that fits perfectly with the goals in your NDIS plan, A series of 12 modules at 5 levels that will greatly meet your child’s social needs – this helps build understanding and confidence, and helps prepare them for everyday life.

The after-hour service

We will help you with any questions and answers related to the service, and I will provide you with support on the relevant forums and Q&A on the Plan program.,You will get regular updates from the stafff and the IT team will help you work out what isn’t working and how to rectify it.

Clients Love


3RMDS communication is great. The tutors are awesome. My Autistic son loved the online experience. I am seeing a difference after a couple of weeks in his school work. Fantastic.

John Doe Client

My son has autism and struggles with learning. His RealTeachers teacher slow down and help him at his pace. Very great service. Worth every penny and his achieving great things.

Robin Ton WordPress Dev.

Our Specialists

Delivering effective interventions

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3RMDS will provide you with a range of services supported by the first NDIS funds to help you achieve your NDIS Plan goals.

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