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NDIS Have you ever encountered a situation where the plan is halfway through and you realize that the funds are not enough? Have many of you had to cut some of the services?
👉 In fact, plan midway can apply for Plan review, the purpose is to apply for more funds.
Here’s a chestnut to illustrate. Uncle Wang, who is almost blind, successfully applied for a NDIS plan at the beginning of the year, with a total amount of 23K. Uncle Wang likes to go out for outings, and the social worker often takes him out, and Uncle Wang’s lover also helps to clean and organize the garden. The social worker often took him out, and Uncle Wang also helped his lover to clean and tidy up the garden. In the middle of the program, Uncle Wang had a fall because of his poor eyesight, and Physio’s service was added to the program. When half of the planning time has passed, Uncle Wang has already used 70% of the funds. It is obvious that according to the current utilization of the plan, Uncle Wang’s plan is not enough funds. What should Uncle Wang do at this point? Uncle Wang can reduce the service, but there is a better way, apply for early plan review. actually, you don’t have to wait until the end of the plan to apply for plan review.
Steps of plan review
1️⃣. Get a report from the OT to explain the reason why the service needs to be increased. Uncle Wang’s plan manager arranged an OT for Uncle Wang, and the OT arranged a joint visit with the builder because Uncle Wang’s bathroom was too small and needed to be remodeled, and the OT also suggested Uncle Wang to add more services according to Uncle Wang’s needs and issued a detailed report.
3️⃣. Submit the report to NDIS for plan review.
4️⃣. review is approved and plan review meeting is agreed.
5️⃣.meeting in which NDIS asked Uncle Wang details with reference to the report
❤️ Outcome: new plan issued, more funding approved, including funding to support core services and to look at Allied health professional. Also includes new items: home improvements (bathrooms) and funding to buy low cost related items👍

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