MenKe Tutorial Training

This following video is to show everyone how to set up your Menke on RealTeachers’ Website. Teachers need to get familiar with their classroom, know to to start and end a class. Beside these basic information that provided in the video, teachers are encouraged to study more individually to find the best way to suit themselves.

Teaching platform training video

Please watch carefully the use of the teaching platform to facilitate the next step into the hands-on session.Please learn the functions that must be mastered in the video such as uploading or selecting courseware, distributing trophies to participants, and screen sharing.



This is the file version description for the "Menke" course management of the course, you can refer to it against the video.


This is the file version of the online live interactive class "talk could", you can refer to the video.

Equipment Testing

Go into the test classroom and test your microphone and camera to see if they work. You can also familiarize yourself with talkcould based on videos or files.

Classroom for teacher recruitment

Nick name:your name |Classroom password:1

Summary of common problems

This is a description of common problems in the live classroom, if you encounter such problems, you can solve them yourself.

Unable to call microphone and camera
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mac application permission issues
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RAZ Plus Website Training

If you teach Reading A-Z, please master the use of this site, including but not limited to searching and downloading books and worksheets, etc.

Kids A-Z

Here are the assignment instructions for kids a-z, please preview and learn how to do it.

Leap materials training

This is a video explaining the operation of the leap textbook. If you teach this subject, please watch the video demonstration carefully.


This is the leap file version of the instructions, please read it carefully and familiarize yourself with the teaching material.

English Writing

If you would like to take a demo class on English writing, please contact belinda and ask her to send you the materials for the demo class.

You are more than welcome to teach what you have, Please contact belinda at slack, or email her at [email protected].

Classroom Flow

Please refer to and implement the notes for each part of the teaching process

Management rules

Please strictly follow the management rules.


Not getting to class on time

2 minutes late is considered late. First Warning Notice.

Not getting to class on time

2 minutes late is considered late. A fine of A$50 for the second time.

Not getting to class on time

For the third time RealTeachers has the right to suspend the contract.

About Leave of Absence

You need to take a day off in advance and send TC the content of the next class.

About Resignation

Please follow the template to organize the handover process for departing students.

Payment Rules

Please grasp the rules of using INVOICE form template and Payoneer.