Frequently Asked Questions

We have compiled a list of our questions that we get from tutors and candidates below.

If your question is not covered below please message Amanda on Slack.

  • How many trial lessons can you have in a row? 

You can have up to 3 continuous trial classes. There will be a 20 minute break between the classes.

  • Will I have the same students for my trial classes? 

No, trial classes will consist of different students. We will inform you if you will get the same student in special circumstances. 

  • What topic should I use for my trail classes?

The main topic that we want all our tutors to do in their trial classes is SEASONS. We also have 4 main topics that we want you to be very familiar with so that you can have a diverse topic list you are confident is. These 4 topics are Seasons, Sports, Hobbies and Holidays. 

  • Will I have to do trial classes?

Yes, you will have to do 3 free trial classes that is included as part of your training. You will be paid for all your classes, may it be trial classes or long term classes once you have completed your first three trial classes.

  • Do we need to use the same format as the example presentations that were provided?

No, we encourage you to use your own creativity to design your slides however you see fit. But keep in mind that you will still have to follow the structure of the class for the content, such as greeting, review of last weeks words and homework, this weeks new words, this weeks homework and topic for next week.