Tutor Profile Cards

We have created the following four 3RealMates business card patterns for you to pick from. These cards will be posted on our tutor profile page, which will feature a video of one of your lessons, your introductory video and one of your preferred snippets of my day video. 

How to edit the cards: You have to make a Canva account if you don’t already have one. You can sign up for one at www.canva.com. Then you can edit the business card. Please be aware that once you sign up you will be asked to upgrade to a paid/premium account via a pop up window, just click the button on the right top corner “Maybe later” to access the free version.

Once you have activated a Canva account click the button below your preferred card. *Please note: That you have to duplicate the post, and only edit on the duplicated post not the original post! Find out how here.

You are welcome to choose your preferred colour below, add your own picture and name, as well as change the text to your preferred motto, hobbies and skills to share. Feel free to share it on your own social media or add it to your Linkedin account to market yourself as a tutor. We only offer this to tutors who are ready for classes.

*Note: Please save your business card in the PNG format