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3RealMates Partnerships

By partnering with 3RealMates, you will be able to provide a unique work and career development opportunity to your students and youth in general. You will be providing an alternative option for those looking to enhance the skills that will help them personally and professionally develop thus empowering them and giving them a competitive advantage. Whether it is through a specialised program in collaboration with 3RealMates or simply an opportunity for work experience, we are open to catering to all kinds of schools, councils and partners that wish to embed our program.

School Partnership

We partner with local schools in Australia to provide our paid tutoring program for their students.
We cater to all schools and have provided our service as part of an in-school as well as out-of-school development program to suit.​
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Local Council Partnership

3RealMates partners with the local councils in Australia and youth development programs.
Our program with work with the government to provide the youths in the area with paid work opportunities through our online tutoring program.
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Non-For-Profit Partnership

We partner with our not-for-profit arm to conduct activities that provide growth and development opportunities for youths.
We also provide development opportunities for youths and to provide academic services those that need them. We work with the department of education to provide specialised learning programs as well.
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Youth Employment Agencies

3RealMates partner with youth employment services to provide our paid 3RealMates program to youth searching for job opportunities.
We work closely to ensure that our program can upskill and benefit our tutors for their future careers and endeavours.
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Making a difference by becoming a partner

How Can You Make a Difference?

Market Demands

With a highly competitive job market, jobs that are applicable are often not rewarding or does not align with the student’s schedule and jobs that are available demand skills well beyond the typical youths capabilities. Listed below are some statistics found about youth employment in Australia:

  • 1 in 3 young people are unemployed or underemployed. (Youth Action)
  • Youths in rural area have difficulty finding jobs that will allow them to explore more opportunities internationally.
  • Retail and fast food chain jobs that are applicable are often not rewarding and does not upskill youths to be ready for their future career.

How our 3RealMates program develop the youths of tomorrow

Our program provides mentoring, in depth training and guidance. We hope to create a generation of young people who will thrive in any environment and take their experiences with them into the future, as they become the leaders of tomorrow.

We work closely with the Department of Education in understanding how we can help improve and contribute to the education system in Australia while providing safe and beneficial work opportunities for the next generation.

At 3RealMates students are given real world experiences teaching a global classroom. It builds positively on ethics and is shown to play a positive influence on one’s sense of responsibility and character-building values. It also adds depth to resumes and gives the motivation and experience needed before stepping out into their future careers.

What 3RealMates offer our partners


There is no financial or management input required from the school and our 3RealMates program /offer has flexibility to suit the student’s study and school commitments.


Our team can travel to you. If your school or local area has students / youth that are looking for opportunities to prepare for their future, we would be delighted to hold a seminar at your school or online, whichever option is more convenient for your school.

Online and In-Venue Seminars

During our online or in-venue seminars, a 3RealMates team member will conduct a presentation that will cover all needed information on our online tutoring program, our mentorship program as well as how to sign up. There will also be a question and answer session and some activities to demonstrate how the program works. We also encourage teachers and parents to join if they are interested.

Mentorship Sessions

We offer our tutors as well as interested youth from your school free mentoring sessions via StudentsLink – our not-for-profit sister arm. These sessions can be held online or at a venue, which ever is more convenient for you. Our program provides youths with the skills and strategies they will need when preparing for their future career. Our program covers resume writing, presentation skill building, confidence in the workspace and so much more!

Volunteering Program - My Buddy Program

Our volunteering Program is also run by Studentslink. Our volunteering program pairs students between grades 4-6 with students from prep to grade 3, thus encouraging the older students to become mentors and guides to the younger students. The younger students will in turn learn to engage with their mentors, which will be the building blocks of their future personalities and human engagements.

For more information on our partnering programs please email [email protected] or send us a message here

Valuable Benefits of becoming a 3RealMates partner

School Partnership

Local Councils

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