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Join our 3RealMates Mentoring Program

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Mentoring programs like the 3RealMates Mentorship Program looks to tap into the existing knowledge, skills, and experience of high performing management and tutors and transfer these skills to newer or less experienced tutors and students in order to advance their careers and assist with their overall development. The goal and outcome of our program at 3RM is to arm our tutors with the best training, advice and guidance to set them on their best path to success. Our expert Mentors act as advisors, counselors, or guide and are responsible for providing support to, and feedback on, the individual tutor in his or her charge.Our mentoring program is held online in bite sized chunks that is easy to incorporate into your training schedule. They are expertly designed to suit high schools students looking to progress their career and fast track their success and covers a wide range of topic that suits them. Our program, just like our company, is innovative and best suited to your growth. The program is also an evolving one that will cover topics most relevant or suited to our tutors.
Currently our program covers the following:
  • How to design and fill up an impressive resume and cover letter
  • Advanced Powerpoint and presentation skills
  • Professional confidence building skills
  • Starting a business young
  • How to build your management skills
  • Improving your communication and time management skills
Here are some of the ways that our Mentorship program can benefit you as a new youth tutor with 3RealMates:
Learning the workplace routine: One of the advantages of having a mentor at 3RM is that they can help you adapt to the culture more quickly. Tutors who are take part in our mentorship program are more aware of workplace routines, policies, and expectations than those who do not participate. This is an important factor in helping new tutors to feel more a part of the organization and the wider family.
Enhance skill development: Most mentees are looking for someone to help them advance their career prospects. Through advice and guidance, our mentor can help them develop their full potential in the workplace.
Networking: Our mentoring program is a great way for new tutors to boost their networking opportunities. For many new tutors, it can take months and sometimes years to get to know key co-workers. Through a mentoring program, a mentee can gain access to important career contacts sooner.
Receive the right direction: Most mentoring programs require the mentee to consider their future direction or goals they hope to accomplish through the process. By asking younger workers to consider how they can grow through the experience, a mentoring program gives them more control over the direction of their career. Research has shown that employees who are mentored have a better career track than those who don’t. This includes receiving higher compensation and more promotions as well as feeling better about their professional background and experience.
Problem-solving: A mentor can be a sounding board when less experienced tutors come up against a situation or problem that they are not familiar with or can’t see a solution too. By partnering a younger employee with a more experienced one, the mentee gets to learn from the mentor’s experience.

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