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3RealMates Tutor Recognition Program

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As a young innovative company, 3RealMates embodies the workspace of the future. We understand the value of having a team that is happy, fulfilled and empowered. Our entire company philosophy revolves around how we can fortify our tutors abilities, mould their weaknesses into strengths, impart valuable knowledge and most of all recognise and reward their achievements. This is because our team is the main component of a company that deals with intellectual exchange and peer to peer learning. Their growth reflects our growth and thus their strengths mirror ours. The 3RealMates rewards program is specifically designed to encourage and benefit our tutors and we do this in many number of ways.

Tutors who perform their role to an exceptional degree get to join the top tier of tutors who get featured on our website. These are the tutors who have achieved ongoing excellence and shown positive growth and thus are recognised as our golden standard for all our tutors. From amongst this elite group, the recognition program also selects the Tutor of the Month – a coveted position that recognises excellence and above par teaching standards. The Tutors also receive certificates, bonuses and prizes that encourage and show the company’s appreciation of their hard work. In addition to this, our tutors also get nominated for yearly awards in various categories. This award ceremony is held at the 3RealMates annual ball. This is a part networking event where all our tutors and company management get to mingle over food and drinks and part “Ted Talk” style experience where selected tutors get to speak on various issues and topics that are relevant to them.All our top performing tutors also progress to becoming mentors and guides to other tutors and act as the benchmark for others.

We also acknowledge their achievements through their respective schools if they choose to partake in the 3RealMates tutor recognition program. This is a great way to guide and acknowledge beneficial avenues of behaviour and thus help establish and instill a healthy foundation for future endeavours. Further more, this system of recognition gives our tutors a tangible example to showcase their abilities, growth and skills to their future employers. By joining our team, you will have workable examples that will help you stand apart from your competition in the future. All tutors get an exceptional level of guidance, training and mentorship enabling every tutor to get an equal opportunity towards the rewards system and thus benefit immensely even if they do not make the cut. Our customised constructive feedback that each tutor receives also ensures that each tutor experiences huge growth and perceivable development at the end of their duration with us.

All in all, a career with 3RealMates is a truly rewarding experience!

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