You are currently viewing 3RealMates – An innovative and engaging learning platform designed to help you assimilate better.

3RealMates – An innovative and engaging learning platform designed to help you assimilate better.

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Peer to Peer education first started out as a communication method where the message being shared was provided by an ‘influencer’ that highly resonated with the group the information was being shared with. This seemed to have a very positive and beneficial effect on the way information was received, retained and then embodied. It involves members of a particular group educating others of the same group. It usually takes the form of a gathering of people who, with the help of the peer educator, (someone of a similar age or social group), discuss and learn about a particular topic of interest together.

Peer education works really well because it is participatory and involves young people in discussions and activities on like minded topics. By joining as a student with 3RealMates you become part of this global community.

The 3RealMates online platform and educational structure is interactive, innovative and mutually beneficial for all involved. By utilising native speakers from Australia, you not only learn to speak the language conversationally but are also exposed to the culture and etiquette of the country. This is a huge bonus especially as we are moving towards a global economic and integrated work culture. As a student, you are paired with tutors who hold similar interests and as they are your peers, they share similar knowledge backgrounds. This forms the basis of interactions that build strong global networks and cross cultural understandings that benefit the student if they want to partake in the global arena in the future.

This new way of education has taken the world by storm in recent years with the advent of online platforms like Zoom and Skype making it possible to take this concept all over the world. Our students are usually aiming to study and live in Australia, so we feel it is utmost important to set them up with the advantage of pre-learning the Australian way of life, culture, currency, and how to build friendships, so they are already deep in knowledge of their future life before they arrive on foreign shores. This really helps our students as moving to a foreign culture can be a scary feat. Assimilating in a culture is vital to feel at home and succeed in what ever endeavour you choose. It helps you interact and connect with like minded individuals and communicate effectively and efficiently. You become part of the culture and not just a visitor.

The education and knowledge shared through our platform prepares students for this future while also meeting the Australian education guidelines set by the Australian Government. You will be educated at the same level if you were residing in Australia so if you decided to study or work abroad your skills, knowledge and understandings would be at the same level as your age group here. One of the main advantages of peer to peer education is that classes are customised to your skill level and interests. This goes beyond just learning to write and read in English and addresses proper communication, pronunciation, protocols and cultural understanding. As peers share similar developmental milestones they use this as a platform to engage better and learn faster. Additionally, many online tools enable methods that are not readily available in traditional classroom setups. Immediate access to multimedia tools, such as visual image files, including animations and videos as well as static slides, are often combined with annotation tools. This makes the class more fun and students and tutors have all the resources they need to communicate effectively at their fingertips.

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