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Benefits of Teaching English Online – A Growth Opportunity

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With the exploding demand for native English speaking teachers in non-English speaking countries, like China, there’s probably never been a better time than right now to teach English online. Thousands of new students are taking English lessons online on a daily basis, and it just so happens that they’re mostly looking to learn English from native speakers like teachers in Australia.

There are many advantages to starting youth careers with companies like 3RealMates that offers a platform to work online especially as in such a proficient subject matter. Educators are able to grow professionally, develop mentoring capabilities, earn an income, assimilate in cultural diversity and make a difference in the lives of their students. Students who work online teaching English find that it is an effective way to impart knowledge, make friends and schedule their lessons around their own daily agendas.

When you instruct online, you can enjoy:

  • A Flexible Working Schedule

    Instead of showing up in a classroom on campus, individuals who teach English online can set their own teaching hours. Due to the broad internet access and educational resources available 24/7, having a flexible working schedule is definitely achievable.

  • Working from Home
    Being able to work at home is a huge benefit to students and for parents. There is safety and flexibility with your person and work environment. With total control over how things are run you are able to focus on quality work that acts as a foundational reference point for your future career ethics and abilities.
  • Freedom to Travel
    Students teachers and students can access their virtual tutoring sessions from computers anywhere in the world; this gives them the freedom to travel around. All they need is to connect to Wi-Fi or any type of internet connection to asses and virtually meet with students from any location.
  • Having an Income
    Having a flexible internet paid job can be a great way to generate a safe method of income. It creates a foundation that teaches students how to be responsible for an income and the virtues of being paid for the work you do.
  • Exposure to a potential career path
    This presents the opportunity to break into the ESL (English as Second Language) industry abroad and helps build up the English teaching experience for one’s resume. Teaching English language learners online could be the perfect jumping-off point for the start of one’s career.
  • Peer to Peer benefits and making friends online
    Online education continues to expand as distance learning grows in popularity. It is shown that peer to peer education puts both the teacher and the student in a comfortable and safe environment that promotes tolerance, teaching, and learning. This is also a great way to connect to people the same age from a different culture and make long-distance and mutually beneficial friendships globally.
  • A great addition to your resume
    It’s the firsthand experience that can really help one’s job applications stand out to prospective employers especially when you’re trying to secure a full-time job in the future. This also inculcates the skills that really help you stand out amongst the workplace competition.

Today, companies like 3RealMates offer virtual classes in addition to mentorship and volunteer programs that train and empower students as they enter the workforce. Students around the world enrol in an increasing number of low-residency or completely online programs and consequently, high school student teachers are seizing the opportunities.

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