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Peer Education – A Groundbreaking Way of Educating the Globe

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Times are changing and the underbelly of this change is being felt in all sections and parameters of society today. Systems are having to adapt to the radical demands placed on them by an environment that constitutes high-speed information exchanges, global human connectivity, and technological advancements. Within these adaptations come forth opportunities and new perspectives with which systems can be molded to suit the advancements of a global society whilst also bringing out the most effective ways of creating a useful and convenient network that is beneficial to its members.

Originally brought into the mainstream via the health sector, peer education started out as a communication alternative where the message being shared was provided by an ‘influencer’ that highly identified or resonated with the group the information was being received by. This peer to peer relayed information seemed to have a very positive and beneficial effect on the way information was received, retained and then embodied. It involves members of a particular group educating others of the same group. For example, young people share information with each other, some acting as facilitators of discussions. It usually takes the form of an informal gathering of people who, with the help of the peer educator, (someone of a similar age or social group), discuss and learn about a particular topic together. Peer education works well because it is participatory and involves young people in discussions and activities.

This new way of education has taken the world by storm in recent years with the advent of online platforms like Zoom and Skype making it possible to take this concept to a global level. It is now giving students an opportunity to not only partake in a system of learning that works but also an opportunity to connect cultures from the other side of the globe. An online educational platform that is truly cutting edge and creating new and more effective pathways in which we learn and share knowledge.

A company that is heralding this new way forward in Australia is 3 Real Mates. Founder Belinda Kappe capitalized on this booming concept by connecting one of the largest English speaking nations this side of the equator, with one of the largest non-English speaking country on the other – China. 3Real mates is providing the platform for high school students to teach their innate understanding of the English language to the world. The increasing demand for this service from both ends has seen this company grow its arm in Melbourne and Perth with plans to take this nationally in the near future. Aussie students are now finding this a great way to enter the workforce and stay ahead of the competition by picking up skills and experience that gives them an advantageous edge. The autonomy of working from home and via an online teaching platform is providing the opportunity for these students to get work experience that is empowering, safe and relevant. “The mentorship and teaching opportunities that arise as a result of this is proving to be invaluable in inculcating a great work ethic in these children whilst also making them responsible and culturally aware” says Belinda Kappe and further adds “3 real mates is exactly that – a global educational platform and community that allows you to build and foster real mates and mutually beneficial connections all over the world.”

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