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International Study Structure And Model

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3RealMates is an internationally recognised company providing a platform for peer to peer education. This new way of education has taken the world by storm in recent years with the advent of online platforms like Zoom and Skype making it possible to take this concept to a global level. It is now giving students an opportunity to not only partake in a system of learning that works but also an opportunity to connect cultures from the other side of the globe. An online educational platform that is truly cutting edge and creating new and more effective pathways in which we learn and share knowledge.

A company that is heralding this new way forward in Australia and China is 3 Real Mates.

Founder Belinda Kappe realised the potential of this booming concept by connecting one of the largest English speaking nations this side of the equator, with one of the largest non-English speaking country on the other – China. 3Real mates is providing the platform for high school students from Australia to teach their innate understanding of the English language to the world. The increasing demand for this service from both ends has seen this company grow its arm in Melbourne and Perth with plans to take this nationally in the near future.

So how does this benefit you as a student with 3RealMates?

Well for one you get access to the highest level of English curriculum and expertise. Our tutors go through rigorous training and mentoring to ensure that they are capable of teaching to the levels expected. We follow the Australian education guidelines set by the Australian Government, ensuring all course material and modules follow a very high standard. You will be educated at the same level if you were residing in Australia. Our modules empower your students to pick up their work easily if they decided to study abroad and at the same level as their age group.

Second by learning English from native speakers, you learn all the nuances, pronunciations and cultural values that you might not get elsewhere. Native speakers are experts in their language and have a wider vocabulary set. Plus, if you decide to work in a global arena understanding the language as a native would and be able to communicate fluently would be truly instrumental in your success in the future

Lastly, this peer to peer relayed information seemed to have a very positive and beneficial effect on the way information is received, retained and then embodied. It involves members of a particular group educating others of the same group. For example, young people share information with each other, some acting as facilitators of discussions. It usually takes the form of building friendships and connections while discussing and learning about a particular topic together. Peer education works well because it is participatory and involves young people in discussions and activities and as there is far less pressure, students learn better.

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