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Fostering Friendships Through International Study

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3RealMates is committed to building an expanded network of resources for tutors and students to engage in global dialogue and collaboration as part of teaching and learning. Our company supports and facilitates cross-cultural exchange among young people worldwide. China and many non English speaking countries have millions of students seeking to acquire the English language, prompting the demand for qualified tutors. Parents across the mainland are connecting with native English speakers to help further their child’s education. As more and more students from around the world are warming up to the idea of online learning through 3RealMates, it’s easy to see why online education is the future!

Through 3RealMates, students aged 5-19 go beyond simply being “pen-pals” to use telecommunications to further their learning. These collaborative online educational projects employ the Internet and other new technologies to enhance learning, meet international and state standards, encourage civic participation, and address critical issues that face the world. 3RealMates considers the power of the Internet and its ability to connect people and create global learning communities. When given an opportunity to connect classroom learning with real global peers, students develop literacy skills, critical thinking and problem-solving, language acquisition, research skills, and cultural awareness.

Here at 3 Real Mates, we offer such a service. Our online tutors have the pleasure of working from home, and tutoring not just their students, but their ‘real mates’. Our program is designed to enhance not just the English language, but to form real friendships, between our tutors and our students. Our students are aiming to study and live in Australia, so we feel it is utmost important to set them up with the advantage of pre-learning the Australian way of life, culture, currency, and how to build friendships, so they are already deep in knowledge of their future life before they arrive on foreign shores.

Already having real mates in a foreign country is definitely a huge plus. The students will be a step ahead of their peers, as they are free to talk about anything with our tutors. Any questions from the students are warmly welcomed, and the students feel safe knowing that they are being guided in the right direction. The student’s confidence in conversation will ignite, and they will excel in their new surroundings.

Learning online has many advantages. One of them is the convenience of not having to leave home to study, and engaging in a more personal experience through the comfort of your own home. Our company sustains the initiative to build a network of resources for tutors and students that develop global partnerships at their convenience. Our hope is to make opportunities for cross-cultural dialogue and ongoing project collaboration as widely and easily available as possible. Online education continues to expand as distance learning grows in popularity. By partnering together, we are able to respond to this interest with a greater breadth and depth of resources. It is shown that peer to peer education puts both the teacher and the student in a comfortable and safe environment that promotes tolerance, teaching, friendship and learning. This is also a great way to connect to people the same age from a different culture and make long-distance and mutually beneficial friendships globally

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