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Get Paid for Gaining Work Experience

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You might think that the only point of doing work experience is for CV fodder. You probably think you’ll just sit there twiddling your thumbs, or be given menial tasks to do. As a High School student looking for a job or work experience, you might think that there are no easy, flexible jobs that will actually make a difference. This has been the sad case so far where a lot of 14 to 19 year old students looking for youth work and improving youth skills find jobs that either don’t match their interests or do nothing to improve or develop vital career building capabilities.

However new and innovative advancements, especially in the online English teaching industry now means that you can find work experience placements that will give you the opportunity to take on some really interesting and challenging responsibilities. 3RealMates, an online education service provides career development opportunities and online teaching and casual jobs for high school students designed to instill the right foundations, skills and habits that will ensure your success in the future. At 3RealMates you will be guided gently and mentored through the entire process. You will be given the freedom to develop while receiving the training and attention you need to test your limits safely and productively. The experience you gain as an online English Teacher teaching English will see you learn and build on crucial skills essential for any career progression initiatives.

What sets 3 real mates apart from most other workplace and training opportunities for high school students, is that you will be paid and paid well for your time and efforts with us. We, as a supportive company are always on your side. We provide our tutors and high school students looking for work with a paid online English teaching job and a salary that is based on the current fair works miscellaneous award pay- guidelines thus ensuring you are treated fairly and given your dues. But the perks and benefits of this job does not end with the pay, in fact that’s just the start! With all the free mentoring, feedback, training and experience you gain, the payback from this opportunity is truly instrumental for your future success.






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