Welcome to the training 1 stage

Congratulations on passing your pre-interview test!

You are in this stage because you have shown great understanding of what is expected in this program and online tutoring position. We appreciate your following of our instructions in such a timely manner, as well as your good communication skills. 

We believe that these skills are highly important to have when you are in a real world working environment.

Hereafter, you will have more things to do to be well prepared for the following training session. We have posted the necessary job-related documents for you  to explore below. 



Step 1: Documents To Sign And Submit

We have linked the consent form and the 3RealMates Code of Conduct below for your viewing.
Please read through, sign and submit them to BELINDA on SLACK

Please rename all your documents according to this naming rule before you send them over:

(File Original Name - (Your Slack Display Name)

Step 2: 3RealMates Lesson Structure Information

We have linked some documents below to provide you with relevant detailed and informative materials that you will need to conduct a class effectively!

Besides just providing you information on how to conduct a 3RealMates class, we wish that the information will inspire your own ideas of how to do things better!

Step 3: Presentation Information

The documents below cover the content that we are using for our 3RealMates class. Please have a clear understanding of the content and materials in your own way and try to figure out what you would do/ask/say whist you teach a class with the material.

Step 4: Detailed ZOOM Tutorial

As we all know Zoom is the primary platform we are using to have lessons, I trust that everyone knows the importance of being familiar with the tools and functions in the platform.

Watch the video below for a more detailed view on the tools that you'd need to use during a lesson!

Step 5: Tutor Information

The documents below are for you to go through and understand, as your online safety will always be our priority. Please contact us on Slack if you have any questions regarding these documents.
*Please download and save these into your computer for future reference.

Training 1

We will be providing training on every aspect of the 3RealMates online tutoring program to ensure that you are a confident tutor before giving class to our students. Based on previous experiences we believe that the more our tutors know ahead of their first lesson the better their skills and preparation will be.

To help ease you into the training, we have attached the Training 1 video below for you to preview. We recommend that you print out the Training 1 summary linked in the button below to write extra notes and to guide you whilst you watch the video.

We hope that this will help you with getting accustomed to this program.

Once you have finished watching the Training 1 video below, please contact Belinda for a password to access the TRAINING 1 TEST PAPER in the button below. Once you have completed it send it back to Belinda on Slack.