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Starting Your Career Before You Graduate

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Online tutoring with 3RealMates is a perfect way to kick off your teaching career, from a young age. It is so easy to log on to the online platform, chat to your ‘real mates’, and begin tutoring from home. Well, you can actually tutor from anywhere, as long as the wifi is robust. Sounds pretty cool, right?

There is such a high demand for Australian teens, and students who are either still in school, or who have just completed their higher education. As more and more Chinese students are warming up to the idea of online learning through 3RealMates, the amount of online tutoring from home jobs is booming!

There are millions of Chinese students in mainland China who wish to further their knowledge of the English language. The general daily schedule for a Chinese family is packed, so often there is no time to head out for extra tuition. Learning from home is the perfect solution. With the current technology and faster internet speeds, in makes much more sense tutoring from home.

Do you like to travel? Well imagine tutoring from anywhere in the world. If you are on holiday, and still need to make extra money, then this is the best answer. Find a quiet place, with nice wifi (I recommend the comfort of your hotel room), log in, and deliver your lesson.

As a 3RealMates online tutor, you will simply be grouped up with 3 Chinese students, still residing in China, who wish to make real mates. You being the tutor, will help them with their fluency, as well as introducing them to the Australian way of life, making it easier for them to fit in, when they arrive on Australian shores. The beauty of online tutoring from home through 3RealMates, is you are rewarded with the opportunity to someday meet your new real mates. This is the idea!

Have you ever gone to a foreign country, and had to start from scratch? I mean, the culture shock is enough, but the language barriers and cultures could be completely the opposite of what you are used to. Even most customs and mannerisms will differ from each country. It is very important for our real mates to slot into the Australian culture, as comfortable as possible. Thanks to being able to tutor from home, this is completely possible. And it’s such an awesome, and rewarding feeling!

Not on does tutoring from home has many benefits, it’s also very easy to get started. Here, at 3RealMates, the interview process is fluent and a lot of fun. After passing the interview, the candidates will begin their training. Once training is complete, it’s time for you to meet your real mates online. Class material will be provided, but creating your own powerpoint slides is encouraged, adding your own flare to impress your real mates. It’s very flexible, so you can choose a time that is convenient for you. Sounds amazing, and it is, trust me.

Our online tutors share their passion with their real mates, offering them more than just another lesson. Each class is full of fun and excitement, which engages the students, and created a happy and warm environment, perfect for acquiring the English language. It is an opportunity for each of our real mates to grow, challenge themselves, make new, real mates, and explore new cultures.

So, what are you waiting for, visit us at, register to become and online tutor, and begin tutoring from home.

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